About Us

FOLAD is a Design-Build Company that is involved in delivering numerous infrastructure projects to the Nigerian Industry.

FOLAD specializes in providing professional teams working together from start to finish in open communication and purposeful collaboration to deliver otherwise impossible solutions to our Clients. The notion is that when owners sits at the same table with architects, builders, engineers and estimators, the best ideas and solutions are born. This paves the way for creative solutions to take hold, resulting in cost minimized, schedules streamlined and efficiencies realized.

The challenge of the Nigerian Construction Industry, especially in delivering projects at the best cost possible in the shortest time has necessitated the Design-Build approach adopted by Folad. This is particularly important considering the high rate of inflation experienced by the Nigerian economy. The ability to overlap the design phase and construction phase; turn around the design process quickly and put construction considerations at the forefront of our planning has enabled Folad to successfully deliver infrastructure projects over the last 40years.

Our business philosophy has been founded on the principle of analysing and fully understanding each Client’s needs, and then working with them to fulfill their objective. We believe that the way we do things is as important as what we do. Working with our Clients, rather than simply for them, is our preferred approach and has been proven to deliver our best value and best solutions.

Design-Build is a single construction delivery method that provides owners with a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases of a project. One entity holds single-source responsibility and contractual risk for every aspect of build; from estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction. This entity, the Design-Builder, manages all contracts with companies, such as subcontractors, equipment vendors and material providers. The Design-Builder is also responsible for obtaining planning approval for the project.

Our partnership approach is one that demands that our partners are willing to contract flexibly, and we share in any savings with our partners when a build comes in under budget.